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Gryphon Systems Engineering Services That We Offer

We have been providing solutions to big and small companies since 2006. From simple process control to complex test systems, we have the skills to help you achieve the goals that matter to you.

 Automation and Control Systems

We are able to supply automation solutions using PC based hardware, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or embedded controllers such as National Instruments CompactRIO control hardware.

 Test & Measurement

From systems that meet the rigourous standards of the biomedical industry to ultra rugged data logging on rail equipment, we have the experience to supply your Test & Measurement solutions.

 Systems Integration

Systems Integration requires a holistic appreciation of the problem domain.  With a strong background in Mechatronics, we have the cross domain skills to deliver solid systems integration results. 

Cloud Computing for Industry

Get beyond the hype of buzzwords like cloud computing and the internet of things.  Talk to us about real world solutions for accessing your process control or test and measurement hardware and data remotely. 


    Leveraging the power of National Instruments hardware and software

    From logging accelerometers on a trip across the Nullarbor to measuring the velocity of detonation at nanosecond resolution, we have used the NI CompactRIO controllers to solve problems in some of the most challenging environments.

    Systems designed from the ground up for your requirements

    There is a lot of really capable hardware out there but there are times when only a customised solution can deliver the solution needed. We use cutting edge tools like Altium Designer to deliver the professional results our clients demand.

    Validate concepts with highly functional demonstrations

    Agility in decision making requires the ability to test ideas in a cost effective manner. Talk to us about our ability to deliver professional proof of concept systems for complex problems.

    Building the bridges across technology islands

    We have the cross disciplinary skills to get your PLCs talking to your MRP systems. Do you need to share production or monitoring data through the cloud? Give us a call.


based solutions.

PLC Control

IEC61131-3 solutions

Cross Domain

Integration Solutions

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